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27th Mar, 2014

Looking for good Electric Company Rates in League City? It has now been over a decade since lawmakers in Texas took the bold and pioneering step of deregulating its electricity market. Prior to deregulation, consumers were trapped into purchasing electricity from whatever electrical monopoly controlled the power grid wherever they lived. Deregulation opened up that closed market so that consumers are now free to shop around for the best price. As a result, Texas has gone from being one of the most expensive and limited electricity markets in the country, to becoming one of the most vibrant, competitive and diverse.

The greatest benefits from deregulation have been in the form of controlling energy costs. Because consumers can take their business elsewhere, electricity providers have much more incentive to offer lower prices and better service. If they don’t, then their customers may take their electrical needs to someone else offering a more favorable rate. Deregulation has been especially helpful to those on low or fixed incomes, since it increases the options for finding an electrical energy plan they can afford.

However, deregulation has had a positive effect for consumers in areas other than just lower prices. Now options are available that will allow you to find the electrical energy plan that is best tailored to your specific circumstances. If you rent an apartment, perhaps you don’t know when you might suddenly decide to move. Therefore, you may prefer a short term, month to month plan that allows you to cancel your service at short notice. If you are a homeowner who foresees yourself living in one location for years to come, perhaps you might benefit from a five year plan that gives you bargain rates.

Deregulation also gives you increased options as to what kind of power source your electricity comes from. Texas has more wind-power facilities than any state in the nation, and the generation of solar power is expanding rapidly. This means you can contract with whatever firms use the largest amount of alternative energy, if that is what you prefer. In addition, you can encourage new and alternative forms of energy while still exercising freedom of choice.

Unlike many other states, Texans have the power to save money on electricity while enjoying expanding options. Increased competition helps keep prices in check. An array of plans means you are not trapped into a one size fits all package that is not suited to your specific circumstances. Texans are also free to make choices about what type of energy source provides their electricity, thereby being able to choose either traditional or alternative energy sources. Freedom, affordability and an array of energy choices, when it comes to buying electrical energy, who could ask for more?

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24th Jun, 2013

Hip Hop Music: Then And Now

The Evolving Nature of Hip Hop Music
Since the late ’70s and early ’80s hip hop has dominated the music charts. By this, I mean it is one of the fastest growing musical genres of all time. Hip hop emerged from the jazz and blues music of the ’60s and ’70s. In addition, hip hop was also influenced by the rhythm and blues music and soul sounds of Stax Records and Motown. From this Read the rest of this entry »

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18th Apr, 2013

The answer to this question really isn’t a cut-and-dried one. It depends a lot on the type of image you’re trying to cultivate as well as your existing image. In addition, the type of offense you committed is likely to enhance or detract from your image as well.

What Happens When Good Guys Go Bad?

Rappers who already have a legal rap sheet as their career is getting underway can incorporate their past convictions into their image. They can either market themselves as bad boys or girls or as bad boys or Read the rest of this entry »

Young Money had dominated the Hip Hop scene by signing all the hot and upcoming rap stars. The famous American Hip Hop superstar, 29 years old Lil Wayne founded the domineering record label, Young Money Entertainment. It has close ties to Cash Money Records and Universal Republic Records as well. Young Money has signed Hip Hop artists such as outrageous Nicki Minaj, rap mogul Lil Wayne himself, and fan favorite Drake. Since the label’s founding, it has produced at least six number one records in the United Read the rest of this entry »

13th Jan, 2012

Unless you get all those music channels from services like direct tv Kentuckyor the like you may not know that hip hop is still very much alive and well and it’s enjoying an incredible revival in Kentucky. However, it’s not quite what you expect. Described by some as the unholy union of country and hip-hop and sometimes referred to as “hill-hop,” the Kuntry Killaz have been taking the rap community by storm.

While some like to argue about the alleged detrimental effects hip-hop has on the community, the fact of the matter is that when hill-hop came along it was a godsend. Racial tension in rural Appalachia had already been a serious issue so when this brand new genre was introduced, it not only offered up something new but a way to unite the two sides with a spiritual passion for self-expression and music.

Combining the old school, beat box rhythms of rap with deep country twangs on the banjo and fiddle, the mix seemed obtuse – yet somehow it blended into the deep and intriguing mix that we now know today as hill-hop. Led by rapper Delivery, who has forever changed the face of hip-hop, we can only watch and remain hopeful that this exciting new genre will get the mainstream attention it deserves.

Stay hungry Killaz – stay champs!

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29th Sep, 2011

Rap has definitely been flooded with mainstream music on a daily basis. We have been hearing the same song almost everyday on the radio that it seems as if rap has officially died. The truth is, rap is definitely just on the rise but for some reason, true music just is not being played through the airwaves. All this generation is being fed is auto-tuned garbage that needs to be thrown away. Real rappers need to find their way off of youtube audio clips Read the rest of this entry »

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26th Sep, 2011

Hip hop has been hugely popular for many years now. So popular in fact, that many fear that the vast number of new artists have watered down the market. Too many artists result in less new and different styles, and more repetition. This is indeed problematic.

Despite this fact, to say that hip hop is dead would be an overstatement. Many styles of music go through down periods. Though some do fade away into history, many simply re-invent themselves.Get more information here. Hip hop, being one of the Read the rest of this entry »

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22nd Sep, 2011

Rap beefs are starting to die out in the new decade, but there are still some that linger on this fight for the top position in the rap world.

One of the most current yet ongoing beefs include Cash Money/Young Money records’ star, Lil’ Wayne. And the Rocafella mogul, Jay-Z.

This beef can actually start way back in 2004 when Jay-Z’s self-proclaimed retirement from the rap game came on full force. Lil’ Wayne then took it upon himself Read the rest of this entry »

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21st Sep, 2011

The old school is a term used for music listeners before the pre-hip-hop days of rap music. While most of the older generation encourages creativity, many frown on the current style of music as harsh.

The loud, electric and synthesized musical instruments of an artist whose lyrics are muddled and unrecognizable are not acceptable to many listeners of yesteryear. The old school listener will often look upon today’s style of music as a form of screaming lyrics with loud ear-splitting instruments. They are accustomed to listening to music with melody and Read the rest of this entry »